Thank You Journal Game

Giving thanks for your desires as if they have manifested in your life is a great way to line up with your desires. Aligning your vibration with the vibration of your manifested desire is the ‘like attracts like’ part of the law of attraction. We are using our knowledge of the universal forces and working with them to attract what we desire (or better).

By thanking as if you already have something, you are telling the universe that you are someone that is comfortable and ready for the thing you are thankful for.

Therefore the key to maximising this game is as follows:

  1. Follow the prompts
  2. Really try and feel the feelings of receiving the item in the prompt.
  3. Then write a joyous/happy/excited few paragraphs about; how you feel receiving this, what this will help you with, how things will improve with this & whatever else you feel inspired to write.

Writing activates different parts of our mind and psyche, so this game will help in ways that some of the others won’t. It ignites creative forces in our lives that can do amazing things.

Hit the save button when you have completed your entry to save it and generate a new random prompt. You can view previously saved entries using the “Journal Entries” button. Hitting the “New Prompt” button will wipe all the current list and generate a new random prompt.

Access this game/exercise and many more by downloading the Law of Attraction Toolbox – the number 1 manifestation app on the Apple App Store – by tapping the download button below.