Rampages of Appreciation

Guiding your thoughts to a good feeling place is what purposefully brings your vibration into alignment with your wants and desires. Each of these Rampages is designed to start your thoughts on an easy and agreeable path and ramps up the good feeling thoughts as the Rampage progresses.

Each individual rampage is designed to set forth strong momentum which will put you on a powerful path regarding the particular subject of the rampage. The key to mastering the law of attraction and leveraging it to work for you is to guide your thoughts (and therefore emotions and vibration) to a strong belief and good feeling, and we do this by using the power of momentum and building on it step by step, until we feel amazing about the subject.

Let us take the analogy of a car and how we get to 70mph. When we accelerate in a car we don’t have the same time frame for every 10 mph we increase in speed (0-10mph, 10-20mph etc). When we are accelerating to 10mph it is very slow compared to going from 60-70mph. And the energy used in getting from 60-70mph is MUCH less than going from 0-10mph too.
Now, why is this? The answer to that question is momentum. And momentum is exactly rampages of appreciation are all about. They all start off with statements that are very easy to agree with, and then as the rampage picks up the pace and increases the emotional momentum, it is very easy to stay agreeable with the statements.
One of the biggest benefits of this is that things like, you current beliefs, are less likely to get in the way of you feeling good because you have already built up momentum which will take you past these usual hurdles.

To effectively use the rampages of appreciation, all you have to do is try to get in a neutral frame of mind, then read each statement and try to absorb it and agree with what parts of it that you can, then press the next button, and repeat until the rampage concludes.
Allow yourself to experience any emotion that comes up and try to read and ingest the statements from a positive place to get the most off of the exercise.

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