Money Law of Attraction Game

This game is designed to get you in the habit of thinking about receiving more money into your life and feeling the positive & fun feelings that spending money can bring. Our mind cannot differentiate between imagining doing something and actually doing it, as long as you allow yourself to play along and don’t block the flow of the game with doubt and disbelief. Give yourself permission to play along with this game for a few minutes and suspend your beliefs. Enjoy thinking about the fun and exciting things that you will buy with your money and mentally imagine buying each item, knowing you have more than enough money to buy the items with.

No matter the size of the amount, really try to feel pleased and good about the money you have received- and more importantly, apply this technique to your daily life and watch the magic happen.

Hit the save button when you have completed your entry to save it and generate a new random amount. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button. Hitting the “New Amount” button will wipe all the current list and generate a new random amount.

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