List of Positive Aspects

This process is all about finding something (anything!) that can be seen as a positive about that specific subject. This is a powerful process and using this, even for subjects it is difficult for you to find positives on, will help change those circumstances for the better. There are always positives to be taken out of all situations and looking for and finding these will tell the universe you are ready for more positives in your life (just like looking for negatives brings more negatives).

All this game requires is that you write 10 positive things down about the subject that is prompted, or your own subject using the custom subject button. Any positive no matter how big or small is good because as you search for positives, you will receive more positives in your life experience.

Hit the save button (floppy disk icon) when you have completed your list for the day to save it. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button. Hitting the “New Subject” button will wipe all the current list and generate a new random subject.

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