Focus Wheel

This process is designed to sure up a better feeling about a subject, by making true statements about that subject, that progressively make you feel better about that subject.

For Example if the Area was “I want to improve my relationship with my new boss”

You could write:

  1. I have had relationships before that improve over time
  2. I have had bosses before that I have had good relationships with.
  3. Good relationships aren’t forged overnight, they develop over time.

Keep going until you write your 10. Only write true statements and do try to strive too far too soon with your statements, you want all of the statements you write to also feel good. You are trying to tease your logic into a good feeling state while also knowing that everything you are saying is true to you.

Once complete, hit the “Save” button to save your entry. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button.

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