Feel As If Manifestation Game

Feeling as if you already have your desires is one of the most crucial aspects of quickly and easily manifesting your desires using the law of attraction. This game is designed to getting you feeling the good feelings that you will experience when your desires manifest in your life, before they manifest.

Abraham-Hicks says that if you maintain these good feelings for over 68 seconds, you have added huge momentum towards your desires being manifest.

To use this game just read through the prompts and absorb what they are instructing you to do, then set about feeling the feelings your mind conjures up, and keep going until you feel really good!

The most important aspect of this game(and most of the games) is to really feel and magnify the positive feelings that the prompts bring up inside you for over the 68 seconds the Timer lasts for.

Press “Start Timer” when you are about to feel the feelings of the prompt. Whilst the timer is running pressing “Cancel timer” will stop the timer and reset it to 68 seconds ready to start again. Hitting the “New Prompt” button generates a new random prompt to follow.

Access this game and many more by downloading the Law of Attraction Toolbox – the number 1 manifestation app on the Apple App Store – by tapping the download button below.