Emotional Scale

The emotional scale is a list of emotions, starting at the top with the most positive emotions, and ending at the bottom with the most negative emotions.

Our goal in life and also manifesting is feeling as good feelings as possible, this helps to bring us more things that we want (if we believe we can have them).

The problem with conventional methods of personal development and trying to make us feel, for example, joy, is that we are often so far down the emotional scale that joy is not a viable option for us to feel and sustain right now. If we are really low down the scale, let’s say feeling unworthiness, it is much better for us to work our way up the scale.

For example, we could use anger, and then frustration, and from there look for ways we can further move up the scale.

Thing back to times in your own life when you might have moved up OR down the scale and you will see how this has played out in your life.

For me I remember lots of occasions where I was feeling contentment and ok with things, but then slipped into boredom, then after a while I would get frustrated and impatient. Only when I got down to these feelings did I then actively look for how I could move back up the scale. In my frustration I would ask myself questions about how I could improve this situation. This would often lead to creative ideas about projects I could start, and in that moment BAM! I was in hopefulness and optimism.

I first learned about the emotional scale from a book I highly recommended called ‘Ask & It Is Given – Learning to manifest your desires’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks. This book does a great job of explaining a lot of the concepts and games in this app and I highly recommend anyone who wants to manifest into their lives to but it! I have left an Amazon link to the book HERE

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