Do you offer a trial?

There is a 7-day trial offered within the app.

In-App Purchase Transaction Queries and Refunds

All purchases are handled by Apple and as such we don’t have access to any customer payment or transaction details. If you have any queries with transactions or would like a refund, please contact Apple support as we unable to help with refunds.

I subscribed to the app but I am still seeing the upgrade page.

The first thing to do is tapping the ‘Restore’ button on the upgrade/purchase page.

If this doesn’t make the page disappear then you want to check you have a subscription setup against the logged in Apple ID. To check you have a subscription setup. Go into the settings tab > manage subscription and see if there is an active subscription under the Apple ID that is logged in to the device. If there isn’t a subscription setup then it probably didn’t properly create the trial or subscription with the app store. If this is the case then you can go through the upgrade steps again.

*You can never purchase (be charged for) the same in-app purchase twice*

Why is the In-App Purchase I bought not unlocking the content?

If you have previously purchased an In-App purchase and the unlocked content isn’t shown, try these steps first:

– Restore previous purchases by tapping the restore button towards the bottom of the upgrade page.

You can also attempt to repurchase the item, and if the in-app purchase has already been purchased by you, you will be prompted that you have already purchased it and it will restore the purchase for you.

– If the Restore Previous Purchases button did not restore the purchase, 1. Make sure you have internet access, and 2. Check you e-mail access for your purchase receipt that Apple sends you a few days after you make a purchase, to see that the in-app purchase did go through.

*You can never purchase (be charged for) the same in-app purchase twice*