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Games & Exercises

Feel As If Game

Feeling as if you already have your desires is one of the most crucial aspects of quickly and easily manifesting your desires using the law of attraction. This game is designed to getting you feeling the good feelings that you will experience when your desires manifest in your life, before they manifest.

Abraham-Hicks says that if you maintain these good feelings for over 68 seconds, you have added huge momentum towards your desires being manifest.

To use this game just read through the prompts and absorb what they are instructing you to do, then set about feeling the feelings your mind conjures up, and keep going until you feel really good!

The most important aspect of this game(and most of the games) is to really feel and magnify the positive feelings that the prompts bring up inside you for over the 68 seconds the Timer lasts for.

Press “Start Timer” when you are about to feel the feelings of the prompt. Whilst the timer is running pressing “Cancel timer” will stop the timer and reset it to 68 seconds ready to start again. Hitting the “New Prompt” button generates a new random prompt to follow.

Appreciation Game

We can always find more to appreciate in our lives, even if we are really out of practice. Appreciation is a great way of finding the vibration that matches the desires you want in your life. Practise this appreciation game often and watch the magic flow in and around you. Thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation are some of the highest vibration feelings we can experience. Each time we appreciate something, even if it is not necessarily exactly where you want to be in that area, you are helping manifest improvements in that area because you are showing the universe that you are ready for more when you appreciate.

Just like the Feel As If game, follow the prompts and feel the amplified feelings that the prompts bring.

Hitting the “New Prompt” button generates a new random prompt to appreciate.

Money Game

This process is designed to get you in the habit of thinking about receiving more money into your life and feeling the positive & fun feelings that spending money can bring. Our mind cannot differentiate between imagining doing something and actually doing it, as long as you allow yourself to play along and don’t block the flow of the game with doubt and disbelief. Give yourself permission to play along with this game for a few minutes and suspend your beliefs. Enjoy thinking about the fun and exciting things that you will buy with your money and mentally imagine buying each item, knowing you have more than enough money to buy the items with.

No matter the size of the amount, really try to feel pleased and good about the money you have received- and more importantly, apply this technique to your daily life and watch the magic happen.

Hit the save button (floppy disk icon) when you have completed your entry to save it and generate a new random amount. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button. Hitting the “New Amount” button will wipe all the current list and generate a new random amount.

Thank You Journal Game

Giving thanks for your desires as if they have manifested in your life is a great way to line up with your desires. Aligning your vibration with the vibration of your manifested desire is the ‘like attracts like’ part of the law of attraction. We are using our knowledge of the universal forces and working with them to attract what we desire (or better).

By thanking as if you already have something, you are telling the universe that you are someone that is comfortable and ready for the thing you are thankful for.

Therefore the key to maximising this game is as follows:

  1. Follow the prompts
  2. Really try and feel the feelings of receiving the item in the prompt.
  3. Then write a joyous/happy/excited few paragraphs about; how you feel receiving this, what this will help you with, how things will improve with this & whatever else you feel inspired to write.

Writing activates different parts of our mind and psyche, so this game will help in ways that some of the others won’t. It ignites creative forces in our lives that can do amazing things.

Hit the save button (floppy disk icon) when you have completed your entry to save it and generate a new random prompt. You can view previously saved entries using the “Journal Entries” button. Hitting the “New Prompt” button will wipe all the current list and generate a new random prompt.

List of Positive Aspects

This process is all about finding something (anything!) that can be seen as a positive about that specific subject. This is a powerful process and using this, even for subjects it is difficult for you to find positives on, will help change those circumstances for the better. There are always positives to be taken out of all situations and looking for and finding these will tell the universe you are ready for more positives in your life (just like looking for negatives brings more negatives).

All this game requires is that you write 10 positive things down about the subject that is prompted, or your own subject using the custom subject button. Any positive no matter how big or small is good because as you search for positives, you will receive more positives in your life experience.

Hit the save button (floppy disk icon) when you have completed your list for the day to save it. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button. Hitting the “New Subject” button will wipe all the current list and generate a new random subject.

Daily Wants List

This powerful process is about focusing on the things you want in your life (not what you don’t want – there is a big difference). Use this every day for things that you want, today, this week, year, or whatever you feel inspired to write about.

For example

  • I want…to have confidence and be confident during my interview today.
  • I want…to receive £1000 unexpected income within the next 2 weeks
  • I want…to receive some great news this week.
  • I want…to have an enjoyable journey to and from work tomorrow.
  • I want…to be inspired with a great idea today
  • I want…to receive a nice surprise today

Always make sure what you are writing feels good to you, as you write it. This is a sure fire way to know you are writing in a way that is beneficial to you. Have fun with this and watch the interesting ways the universe delivers some or all of this to you.

Hit the save button (floppy disk icon) when you have completed your list for the day to save it. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button. Hitting the “Clear Entry” button will wipe all the current list so you can start again.

The Magic – Daily Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for what you have (even if it is not exactly what you want) is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques there is. As you look for things to be grateful about, the universe will give you more things to be grateful about.

In the book “The Magic”, the main premise of the book is to write 10 different things you are grateful for, for 30 days straight. Use can do this easily with this section of the app, just enter a different statement on each of the 10 lines, then hit the save button (floppy disk icon) when you are done.

You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button. Hitting the “Clear Entry” button will wipe all of the current text.

Focus Wheel

This process is designed to sure up a better feeling about a subject, by making true statements about that subject, that progressively make you feel better about that subject.

For Example if the Area was “I want to improve my relationship with my new boss”

You could write:

  1. I have had relationships before that improve over time
  2. I have had bosses before that I have had good relationships with.
  3. Good relationships aren’t forged overnight, they develop over time.

Keep going until you write your 10. Only write true statements and do try to strive too far too soon with your statements, you want all of the statements you write to also feel good. You are trying to tease your logic into a good feeling state while also knowing that everything you are saying is true to you.

Once complete, hit the “Save” button to save your entry. You can view previously saved entries using the “Saved Entries” button.

Rampages of Appreciation

Guiding your thoughts to a good feeling place is what purposefully brings your vibration into alignment with your wants and desires. Each of these Rampages is designed to start your thoughts on an easy and agreeable path and ramps up the good feeling thoughts as the Rampage progresses.

Each individual rampage is designed to set forth strong momentum which will put you on a powerful path regarding the particular subject of the rampage. The key to mastering the law of attraction and leveraging it to work for you is to guide your thoughts (and therefore emotions and vibration) to a strong belief and good feeling, and we do this by using the power of momentum and building on it step by step, until we feel amazing about the subject.

Let us take the analogy of a car and how we get to 70mph. When we accelerate in a car we don’t have the same time frame for every 10 mph we increase in speed (0-10mph, 10-20mph etc). When we are accelerating to 10mph it is very slow compared to going from 60-70mph. And the energy used in getting from 60-70mph is MUCH less than going from 0-10mph too.
Now, why is this? The answer to that question is momentum. And momentum is exactly rampages of appreciation are all about. They all start off with statements that are very easy to agree with, and then as the rampage picks up the pace and increases the emotional momentum, it is very easy to stay agreeable with the statements.
One of the biggest benefits of this is that things like, you current beliefs, are less likely to get in the way of you feeling good because you have already built up momentum which will take you past these usual hurdles.

To effectively use the rampages of appreciation, all you have to do is try to get in a neutral frame of mind, then read each statement and try to absorb it and agree with what parts of it that you can, then press the next button, and repeat until the rampage concludes.
Allow yourself to experience any emotion that comes up and try to read and ingest the statements from a positive place to get the most off of the exercise.


Personal Goals / Desires

This section of the app allows you to add your own top 1-5 goals, wants or desires you want to manifest (I will just use the word desire in place of goals/ desires/ wants now for ease), into the app. These will then appear in the Games and Exercises that use prompts. This will give you a much more personalized experience of the app and allow you to focus your attention on the things that really matter to you!

There are two parts to inputting your desire into the app:

Firstly click on the drop-down arrow next to one of the numbers 1-5, then choose one of the starting verbs. For example; I have, I want, etc.

Secondly, we conclude the sentence by clicking on the white line, to the right of the Verb we just chose. Then type the rest of the words of your desire, in the present tense, as if you already have/are the desire. This will allow them to be formatted correctly throughout the prompts.

For example, if your desire is ‘I want to weigh 150 pounds’. You would change the starting verb to ‘I weigh’, and on the line next to it type ‘150 pounds’. Try and leave out feelings from the written desire as this app will add different emotions into the prompts. For example, refrain from writing ‘I weigh – 150 pounds and feel fantastic’ as the app may ask you about other emotions and feelings and the prompt may not make sense.

It is possible to clear all of the desires by clicking the Clear All button at the bottom of the page. To clear just a single desire, click on the clear button at the right of the row you would like to clear.

If there are other starting verbs you would like to see added please contact me via the Settings page.

Emotional Scale

The emotional scale is a list of emotions, starting at the top with the most positive emotions, and ending at the bottom with the most negative emotions.

Our goal in life and also manifesting is feeling as good feelings as possible, this helps to bring us more things that we want (if we believe we can have them).

The problem with conventional methods of personal development and trying to make us feel, for example, joy, is that we are often so far down the emotional scale that joy is not a viable option for us to feel and sustain right now. If we are really low down the scale, let’s say feeling unworthiness, it is much better for us to work our way up the scale.

For example, we could use anger, and then frustration, and from there look for ways we can further move up the scale.

Thing back to times in your own life when you might have moved up OR down the scale and you will see how this has played out in your life.

For me I remember lots of occasions where I was feeling contentment and ok with things, but then slipped into boredom, then after a while I would get frustrated and impatient. Only when I got down to these feelings did I then actively look for how I could move back up the scale. In my frustration I would ask myself questions about how I could improve this situation. This would often lead to creative ideas about projects I could start, and in that moment BAM! I was in hopefulness and optimism.

I first learned about the emotional scale from a book I highly recommended called ‘Ask & It Is Given – Learning to manifest your desires’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks. This book does a great job of explaining a lot of the concepts and games in this app and I highly recommend anyone who wants to manifest into their lives to but it! I have left an Amazon link to the book HERE


Who we are and what we create isn’t decided before we come into these bodies. Our mind, and therefore our subsequent thought patterns, is shaped by different factors in our lives. Our outside environment, our role models, our experiences all help in the development of our mind. One of the biggest factors in this development is our self-talk, or affirmations. Louise Hay (who is one of the biggest pioneers in spreading the positive impact affirmations can have on one’s life) said that, EVERYTHING we say is an affirmation. And these affirmations have played a huge role in who you are and who you will become. If you keep saying the same things to yourself in the future, as you have done so far in your life, you will continue on the same trajectory. However if you spend some time every day to implant new ideas and ways of thinking into your subconscious mind, you will no doubt change that trajectory for the better.

We create things in our existence that fits in with who we believe we are and what we believe we deserve. And so to make a lasting positive change in our lives we have to help develop a better image of ourselves and the world around us, in our head first, and then the outer world will start matching that image.

By saying positive affirmations to yourself, you implant those thoughts in your brain.

Don’t forget, EVERYTHING you are saying to yourself throughout the day is an affirmation. So you want to do as many of these every day as you can. It may be a good idea to do 10x an affirmation before moving onto the next one. And do 10 lots of these 1-3 times a day. Each day I would also choose one that speaks to you the most and say this all throughout the day whenever you find your mind wandering, or every time you see a particular object, use that to remind you to repeat the affirmation.

This tool in the app has been designed so that the affirmations are split into categories so that you can choose to see all affirmations or filter them to just see a specific category of affirmations.

For example, if you really want to focus on Money, click the filter button, move the selector to ‘Money’ and then click “Apply Filter’. To remove this filter, just tap the filter icon again and tap the ‘Remove Filter’ button.

Daily Empowering Questions

Focusing our mind and thoughts is one of the key elements of using the law of attraction. In simple terms, our thoughts create our feelings, which create our realities. One of the best and most powerful ways to guide our thoughts is with the use of questions. Questions help bring.

Instead of me talking about the power of questions, watch this 6-minute video by the master Tony Robbins about the power of questions and how this impacts your focus – https://youtu.be/Yr7Wkz7W7Vs

Abe 68-Second Timer

Abraham-Hicks says that if you maintain good feelings for over 68 seconds, you have added huge momentum towards your desires being manifest.

This being said, we have added this handy timer for you to focus your thoughts for this amount of time. Using this timer for things like visualisation or appreciation on specific subjects, mean that you have built more momentum towards receiving your desired manifestations or better.

Settings & Store

Set App & Life Reminders

When pressing this button you will be able to setup app notifications from within the app. Before this is possible, you have to Allow this app to send you notifications. To do this simply click the allow button that is prompted when this screen first opens. Alternatively you can go into Settings > Notifications > LOA Toolbox, and turn use the rocker switch to on(green).

The type of notifications you can setup to be reminded daily about are:

  1. App Reminder – This is a general reminder to use the app
  2. Game reminders – This sets up a reminder for one of the games and the reason why doing this game is beneficial.
  3. Life reminders – These are aimed are setting up reminders for your daily routine that will be beneficial in your manifesting journey. These include; Meditate, Exercise, Visualisation, & Reading reminders.

To set a reminder up, just click the Add button, select a time you want to be reminded about this daily, and click the Done button once you have selected the desired time.

To remove this reminder, either click the time to change it to a different time or change the rocker switch for the reminder to off.

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